So, boys. Did you do it? That thing that all the sensible people tell you not to do? That thing that the feature pages and glossy magazines dedicate half a rainforest’s worth of column inches to advise you to do properly? You know, that thing? Did you buy her underwear for Christmas?

You’ll find out soon enough whether you got it just right, but a quick poll of us ‘Linters has found that generally, it doesn’t go to plan.

Too frilly, too small or, worse, too big. Too itchy, too scratchy, too revealing. Let’s face it, the chances of getting it wrong really aren't stacked in your (our) favour.

But if you persist, you could do worse that stocking (ha!) up at, the ethical clothing and homeware site.

You may have read about their knickers this week because (jumping on the seasonal shoe-horning something festive into any old copy) theirs are made out of pine needles. No, really.

They process the waste of a million dead trees into a fabric that’s as “soft as silk” and they look good too. At least to our eyes, they do. But most if us are men, so what do we know?

But if your lady cares about the way things are made, this might just win her over. Bookmark it for next time, or order now for a little New Year treat.

And I bet you’ll never look at a Christmas tree the same way again knowing where it could end up.

Happy Christmas one and all.