One of the problems with the surprisingly popular Samsung Galaxy Gear was the lack of apps and notification freedom. A recent update aims to help by delivering email notifications, Facebook and Twitter updates, Google Hangout messages and Messenger pings, all on your wrist.

We were tipped off this morning when reader Gerard Krupa got his update. Now we have ours too so expect yours to roll out soon if you’ve not yet got it available.

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The update allows you to change notifications in settings on the watch. You will then be notified when the social networks mentioned get a message which will be viewable, up to a certain length, right there on the watch. To read the full message you’ll have to get your phone out.

The Gear update will also receive Smart Relay improvements making jumping between the Gear and phone easier. And the lift-and-pause gesture movement that activates the clock has been improved also.

While Gmail notifications are great they’re still not perfect as we noticed when getting three at once - they all merged into one. Still, it’s a step in the right direction. WhatsApp next please Samsung.