LG, ever the seasonal announcer, has just revealed three audio systems it will be showing off at CES 2014 in January. These include a Wireless Audio System, a slim Sound Plate and a sleek Sound Bar.

The LG Wireless Audio System, or NP8740 if you want the catchy name, will allow you to stream music around your home. Using wireless speakers and dual band Wi-Fi you can throw music to wherever you are, including using several speakers in one room for surround. You can have the same song all over the house with Party Mode or different songs on different speakers using Personal Mode. It can even connect to other audio systems and work as speakers for the widest variety of sounds. And it's all controlled using a smart app meaning you can stream from online sources in 24 bit/192KHz quality.

The LG Sound Bar looks gorgeous polished in a dark silver finish. It should sound great too with 320 watts of power and 4.1 channel sound. The NB5540, as it's called, also uses Hi-Fi DAC and an Analog Class D amp for HD quality sound.

The LG SoundPlate, LAB540W, is 39.5mm slim to sit under 32 to 55-inch TV bases. Despite the minimal size it will deliver 4.1 channel sound with 320 watts of power and is assisted by an external subwoofer.

Check back in January for more details from CES 2014.