We reckon that most people will agree that it’s probably too late for Christmas shopping now. Only your nearest and dearest are likely to actually get to see any gifts you might buy today, and then only if you take them with you when you go to get your fill of turkey and sprouts.

Yep, you’re screwed if you haven’t got things sorted by now. Or are you..?

One option that remains is gift a subscription, and one that we really like is scribd.com. We told you about this back in October, when the idea of ebook subscriptions was just starting to get going.

Here you can buy a gift card for anything up to a year’s worth of unlimited ebooks from this Netflix-for-bookworms style online library.

So if you know somebody who’s unwrapping a shiny new ebook reader or tablet this Yuletide, you could look like a really thoughtful mate if you choose to go down this route.

Rather than somebody who’s left it to the last minute again…