OptUX would give one-handed controls to larger screened iPhone 5S

If making the jump from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5S is daunting, or has already proved annoying, OptUX is the interface that would fix it. This allows one-handed use by intelligently recognising in which hand you’re holding the phone. But we say "would" as it’s just a design at this stage.

OptUX allows users the same interactivity as usual but with just one hand, even on the 4-inch iPhone 5S screen. Essentially it just uses the normal layout of iOS 7 but pulls everything to the side your hand is on for easier access. Whether that intelligently moves buttons to suit is unclear but you would presume that's the point.

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This is just a design concept right now by Noel Joyce. But like all good ideas perhaps it will make it to the OS proper one day for everyone to enjoy.

It’s certainly a good idea and might make a difference in attracting new users who are afraid of large phones - or at least for current users to make the transition to a larger handset. Take note Mr Ives and don't be afraid to set foot in phablet city.