Augmented reality. Talk about buzzwords that haven’t really delivered on the promise. A far as the masses go, the best you’re likely to have seen is a few pop-up messages on a smart phone navigation app or an occasional video launched by scanning a poster or magazine article. The technology is there, but it’s not yet really found a very compelling mass-market application.

Well, all that might just change with HP Live Photo. This is an interesting and potentially quite popular way of highlighting the tech through a traditional channel - the printed photograph.

You take a video on your phone, upload it to the Live Photo app (it’s iOS and Android only at the moment), choose a still and then let the app go to work.

What you end up with is a photo that can be printed out on any printer. Then, when somebody points their phone at the print, the image springs to life using Aurasma.

For families wanting to share magic moments from the past year, this is a great way to share memories in a very different way, and we reckon this could be the beginnings of a boom in new uses of augmented reality tech.