They say that seeing is believing, but in this post-Photoshop age, is that even true any more? But most of will still believe what we hear and, with the notable exception of the musically ubiquitous Auto-tune, why shouldn’t we?

But some people take the quality of what they hear for granted. They use the headphones that came with their MP3 player or smartphone; they don’t worry too much about how much they compress their music files; they don’t worry about where they put their hi-fi speakers. And that’s fine, for some poeple.

But if you’re serious about your sounds, you’ll want to do a bit of research. And we reckon at, even a hardened audiophile will learn a thing or too.

This is an online training tool designed by the people at Phillips who look after the sound quality of all their products - the so called Golden Ears.

The training modules take you through a series of exercise to see how good you are at hearing the differences between excerpts of music. They apply all kinds of effects to illustrate stereo, loudness, bass, etc.

This is no quick-fire Facebook-style quiz either (although you can share your results for bragging rights) - this is several hours of serious training if you plan on getting to the Golden Ears level.

When we played with this last night, only four people had made it that far, so that shows you how serious it is.

Good to know that the people at Phillips care this much about how good their stuff sounds too, isn’t it?