Do you have one of those friends who’s always into music that’s just ever so slightly cooler than the music you’re into? Yes? Annoying, isn’t it? There you are, waxing lyrical about the great new album from your favorite new band and off they go impressing everybody with their knowledge of the side projects and the unreleased rare mixes that are made by the same people.

Well, if you’re wondering where they get all this knowledge, could well be one answer.

This is one of the best online music magazine we’ve come across. The news pages are bang up to date and reflect the print publication roots of the magazine. It’s become famous for its mix tapes too (why do we still call them tapes…?) with contributions from some of the best DJs and producers from all over the UK and around the world.

Get to know this magazine and you’ll get to know a whole new side of the music industry.

We like this one a lot.