If you’re trying to make your way in the corporate world, there are numerous pitfalls that you’re probably aware of. We’ve already mentioned the nonsensical jargon that business people use, and then there’s the office politics.

One that not many people will warn you about is the old “having to faff about on your laptop while trying to give a presentation and displaying everything to a room full of people” scenario.

There you are, slowing suffocating a little more of your soul by using PowerPoint in a room full of suits and suddenly iMessage decides to pop your most intimate messages up on screen. Or Microsoft Office Reminders helpfully chimes in with that “offsite meeting” at the Rose and Crown you had been discreetly trying to organise. We’ve even heard a horror story about somebody's more, ahem, “recreational” surfing habits being displayed thanks to Chrome’s synchronisation settings.

Sends a shiver down the spine, doesn’t it?

But now there is help. At pinstriped.com you can download a beta application that will give your computer a totally professional, fully customisable appearance during all your presentations.

We reckon this is one of the biggest advances since those little stick-on convex mirrors that showed you who was standing behind you in the office.