A young group of Australian students have just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their Ex1 3D printer. It makes printing circuit boards brilliantly simple and completely versatile.

Say you want to print a circuit on a bracelet that has small lights around it - just design it in the simple software and hit print and you’re good to go. The Ex1 is exciting as it blurs the lines between hobbyists, professionals and craft makers as now everyone can design and build gadgets easily.

A cool example used by the team was to print off a gaming controller that can be used to play simply by attaching some wiring. As you can see from the video on the Kickstarter site, it’s really easy and anyone can get involved.

It does it all by layer printing silver nano particles on to any suitable surface and the process is as easy a clicking File > Print.

The Cartesian Co Ex1 will cost $1,500 (£913) if you manage to get one from Kickstarter soon.

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