This is the week when the festive shenanigans really start to ramp up a little bit. The office parties are all spilling out on to the streets and the towns and cities are aglow with fairy lights, laser shows and illuminated plastic Santas. The TV schedules are now full of It’s a Wonderful Life, Trading Places, end-of-year specials and, if we’re lucky, Elf. 

And that last one is the signal that it’s okay to start elfin' around. We’ve had the Elf Yourself Flash games of yesteryear and every shopping centre now has at least half a dozen promo staff running around in tights and pointy ears. 

If you fancy getting in on the elfin action, but want to do it in a way that makes a difference too, then have a look at Here you can create your own elf and also support Wellchild, a charity that looks after sick children, not just at Christmas, but all year round.

Create and name your elf and then it’s yours to share wherever you want to, and not only will this raise a festive smile or two, it will also support a great cause.