There is a place somewhere, between Facebook and Twitter. Between the overlong, overfamiliar ramblings of those friends you wish you’d never reconnected with and the short-lived, truncated, half-formed arguments of the micro-blogging site that’s become potentially the planet’s number one misinformation engine.

That place, we think, is Here you will find good people telling good stories. Free of the restrictions of the 140-character limit yet unencumbered by the need to pitch its content as though it’s at a baby shower with added cat GIFs.

No, here you will find new ideas and opinions bumping into each other in a totally refreshing online environment. Here, people let their words run free and that’s why we think this is one of the healthiest places to visit if you’re into good thinking and good writing.

We’d like to think they called it Medium because it exists in a space that’s in the middle of all the other noise out there. They probably didn’t, but that’s what we like to think.

One of our new favourites. Dive in.