There is no such thing as bad chocolate. But there are some better than others. And if you’re serious about your sweet stuff then you’re going to love

Here you can sign up to receive artisan chocolate delivered to your door every month. It’s a model that’s been applied to all sorts of things over the year: wine, organic fruit and veg, even coffee.

Now it’s chocolate’s turn. And oh boy, do these look just the ticket.

Each month you’ll be sent four bars of uniquely different artisan chocolate, neatly packaged to fit through your letterbox. At nearly £15 a pop it’s certainly not cheap. But then this isn’t Dairy Milk. And the finer things in life always cost a little bit more.

They source their bars from all over the world, and if you stumble on one you really like, they can supply more whenever you want it.

This is a perfect present for any serious chocoholic.