What is the collective noun for a group of writers?

A scribe? A repository? A rabble, even? If you google it, you’ll get all kinds of suggestions, but one collective that already has a name is 26.org.uk.

Here you’ll find an ever-growing group of wordsmiths who are passionate, not just about writing, but also about the best use of language in everyday life.

If you work in the corporate world you’ll most likely be bombarded by demands for “deliverables” on a daily basis. You’ll be asked to “action” things rather than just do them. And (worst of all) you’ll be expected to share your “learnings” from something you’ve, er, “actioned”.

There’s a whole new dialect that you have to learn and, to be blunt, it’s all nonsense.

What’s wrong with just saying what you really mean?

And that’s really where 26 came from. It’s a project started by a group of people who have spent years trying to rid the world of business BS and other manglings of the mother tongue.

But there’s so much more here besides trying to right the wrongs of corporate gobbledegook. You’ll also find people from all walks of life who all share a passion for the written word.

If you care about language, or just want to see what an eclectic bunch of authors, poets and professional communicators talk about when they get together, you might find this site of interest.