It’s time for you to kick back now, right? You’ve done all your Christmas shopping, right? You’re all sorted, what with Black Friday and Cyber Monday out of the way. Right?

Of course. So why not do something for yourself now. This treasure hunt at has been set up to celebrate their 21Edition car, and a thing of compact beauty it is too.

But the best thing is that you could get your hands on one (at least, for a bit) by following the fiendish clues that they’re spreading through the usual social channels, every day for three weeks.

There are daily prizes, and the idea is that the smart 21Edition is on tour around London, Bristol and Manchester. So you’re going to need a bit of local knowledge if you’re going to be first to the booty.

This is a great distraction from all the usual festive nonsense. We’re just a bit disappointed that the top prize is a car that you only get to drive for eight weeks.

Come on, Smart - it is the season for giving…