Cyber Monday. Just what we all need after Back Friday.

It's all a bit much, isn’t it? Yet more pressure to hit the shops or fill your online baskets with more stuff that the retailers are flinging at everybody at ridiculous knockdown prices.

Yes, there are bargains to be had. But it’s all a bit of a frenzy, isn’t it?

If you agree, then we know just the person to restore some order. A cool head in times of crisis. Somebody who can restore the equilibrium to the cosmos.

We are talking, of course, about Commander William Riker, from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

At we get his inspirational words first-hand. Simply scroll down (the clue’s in the name) to received a pearl of wisdom from the smooth-talking galactic lothario.

If the stresses and strains of all this frantic cyber shopping is getting too much, we reckon this could be a good antidote.