Is there room for another social network? It’s already a very crowded space, isn’t it? As a user, do you have just one that you spend all your time in, or do you flick from one to another to get the best of all worlds? That wouldn’t be all that surprising, what with Facebook’s obsession with pictures of cats and people’s dinners. Or Twitter’s angry mob shouting at anybody brave enough to put their head above the virtual parapet.

What if there was one that was just full of nice things? Okay, it wouldn’t be everybody’s cup of darjeeling, but it would be a nice place to visit once in a while wouldn’t it?

We’re wondering if could be just that place. This is a social network where people offer to do things for other people, for free. It’s the brainchild of Lily Cole, and her introductory video tells you what her motivation was for doing it.

But we reckon this is worth adding to the list of places you drop into every now and again.

You just might see somebody you can help. And there are not many better feelings than that, are there?