You would think that JustGiving had just about cornered the online fundraising market, wouldn’t you? Yes, there are others, but a bit like Google, its name has become almost synonymous with the idea of a charity webpage.

But clearly it thought it was missing something and in, we see the response.

This is a very simple idea that puts together all the best bits of raising cash online, with the most useful bits of social media. By that, we mean the ability to get your message to a large number and wide range of people quickly. Very quickly.

Here, you can set up a project for your chosen good cause and then you get to work crowdsourcing your support. The more people you get your message to, the more pledges you get, and if you hit your target within a month, you get the cash for your chosen charity.

It’s a great new way for organisations big and small to raise much-needed funds.