Behold, a new Pocket-lint Podcast is available and have we got a treat for you? Er, yes, we have.

Included in this edition is the entire interview we recorded with film and TV star and internationally renowned comedian Eddie Izzard, where he expresses his love for gadgets and explains which sketch of his he thinks would make as good a viral video as the Lego-animated Death Star Canteen routine.

Plus, the team talks Xbox One and PS4 and explains exactly which one we would recommend you buy right now.

Senior editor of news and features Rik Henderson is joined by editor Chris Hall and founder of Pocket-lint Stuart Miles.

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Pocket-lint Podcast #141

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You can also watch the Eddie Izzard interview in video form here. And his Force Majeure stand-up show is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. A limited edition DVD is also available that features a second disc with clips from Izzard's DVDs over the years, exclusive introductions from the star and is packaged with a photo book featuring imagery from the Force Majeure Tour.

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