It might seem strange for us to point you towards the home page of one of the world’s biggest and best-known brands. Because there’s something exceedingly average about your typical corporate website. They are normally full of lots of dull but worthy things like vision statements, strategic plans and pictures of the board of directors. But not so the new Coca-Cola Journey website.

Here, they've put real thought into what consumers might actually want to see. That means this swanky new site is full of information not just about their brand, but also about the lives and interests of its billions of consumers. This site is more like a news hub now, with all kinds of features designed to inform, entertain and engage you in a way that you hardly notice you're actually browsing through a corporate website at all.

Things like the truth about the story as to why Father Christmas wears red and white. Finally.

A lot of the usual corporate information is here too, like how to apply for a job, and information about the ethics of running a big business, and it is a little heavy on the pictures of people drinking from bottles. A couple of the stories made us wince ever so slightly too, but this is a very refreshing way to present your company’s information.