The Polaris Sportsman WV850 ATV is tough, machine gun bullets can’t even stop it

We don’t usually cover recreational vehicles. But this ATV is made from military smarts and we had to take a closer look at those revolutionary bullet-resistant tyres.

The Polaris Sportsman WV850 in an all-terrain vehicle that comes with tyres that can’t be easily stopped. They’re Terrain Armour non-pneumatic, meaning they are air free but still flexible enough to make the ride bearable. So tough are these tyres that they can stand up to M4, AK47 and even .50-calibre bulets and still keep going.

The range of this glorified quad-bike’s wheels after being shot by a .50-calibre round is a huge 350 miles. Although we reckon your bum would be pretty numb before you go that far. Also, if you’re actually being shot at with .50-calibre rounds they’ll likely be aimed at you rather than the tyres, in which case the bike might carry on without you.

The tyres' inner structure is a mesh design that supports the weight of the vehicle while still being flexible enough to soak up bumps. There's still a rubber outer tread so, like conventional tyres, different tread patterns can be developed for different applications.

In a real world situation, this is inspired. A farmer or festival organiser using one of these can keep going all day without worrying about getting a puncture or running out of fuel.

The Sportsman WV850 has a single-speed transmission, steel exoskeleton, steel racks, huge towing and haulage capacity, 77 horsepower, and is all-wheel drive. Pick one up from Polaris for $15,000 (£8,300).