There are few accessories that say more about you than your wristwatch. It’s a very personal thing and reflects everything about your taste, your style and even your bank balance.

If you wear a Rolex, people will have an opinion. If you wear a Timex, they will have another. It might not be fair, but it’s inescapable.

So why not turn things on their head a bit and wear a watch that really says something.

And that something is “I bought this to help other people”.

At you can buy any of eight different colours of a very stylish digital watch, and every time you do, a good cause gets a few quid.

Each colour represents a different good cause, and the more you buy the more goes to charity. And at just $40 a pop, buying more than one is a very real option for some (take note Rolex owners).

This is a US-based site, but they will ship worldwide.