Picking up a little bit on where we left off yesterday, here’s another by-product of a meme. The signs that stand in London Underground ticket halls have become the stuff of online legend.

It started with people simply sharing what the staff had handwritten on the whiteboards. It was the usual stuff: delays, engineering works, lost property, that kind of thing. But every now and again they would appear with a “thought of the day” or a concise poem or other inspirational prose to help commuters get through their day. 

Of course, then the internet changed all that. Soon, anybody who was bit handy with Photoshop was spoofing the signs. And now, we have tubesign.herokuapp.com, where anybody can do it with just a few taps on a keyboard.

It is without a doubt good fun (or at least, for this week). But we also pine for the days when all the signs you saw were real. Then it was just the Tube station staff displaying a little personality.

The price of progress, eh...?