A lot is being said about the next-generation console battle, but something tells us that it would be harder to sum up quite so succinctly as the PS4 vs Xbox One conversations among the kids of South Park.

In the latest episode, called "Black Friday" after the American day of discounts and shopping mayhem, Kyle, Stan, Cartman and their friends argue over the benefits of both consoles as they split into two sides, Xbox and Sony.

"Stan, the PS4 doesn’t have the seamless transition between games, movies and TV offered by Xbox One," says Kyle, explaining why he's remaining on the side of Xbox in the forthcoming battle at the mall.

"The PS4 controller has a touch pad interface, but you never wanted to listen to me Kyle," retorts Stan.

But as is often the case it's Cartman that has the last and funniest line. "Come on Kyle, let these Sony f***s wallow in their limited voice control functionality," he says.

We suspect we'll see that line on a T-shirt at some point.

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