Voting for the 10th Pocket-lint Gadget Awards has now gone live, giving you the chance to say which gadgets you think should be crowned top for 2013.

As you will see over on the voting page, each of the 12 categories has five products that have been nominated as the best of the year in their field.


We need your help to narrow those down to find the overall winners, the result of which will be announced at our awards ceremony in London on Thursday 28 November. Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday 26 November 2013. 

Continuing to build on the successful system we've used for the last nine annual awards, we're adding even more input from even more sources to make sure that the gadgets which win really are the best gadgets and products - meaning you can be confident to go out and buy.

Yep, we need your help to work out what these best gadgets are, and what better way to do that than to ask the people who have laid down the cash to buy them in the first place. To help us, all you need to do is head over to our voting page and mark each product out of 5. Don't worry if you don't want to score all of them, or if you haven't a clue as to what some of them are - we've got a clever system for balancing that out.

Once your scores are in, we then tally up those results and the product with the highest score is voted through. We think this is the fairest way of doing it because it means you aren't rating the products against each other, but on their own merit.

Your vote will count towards 10 per cent of the overall scores for each gadget nominated.

Rather than just rely on what we think, we also ask our peers from the industry around the globe. This year we're hoping to get more than 100 votes from experts who know what they're talking about.

While many want to get involved, many of their bosses don’t let them for fear of Pocket-lint being a better publication, and these journalists, being seen as supporting us, could then lose their jobs (silly, we know). Because of that we don't publish the names of those judging in this category.

Votes from journalists from around the world will count towards 40 per cent of the overall scores for each gadget nominated.

As a final piece to the puzzle we have an elite panel of judges in the UK who will get together and discuss the nominations over an evening, before rating them. They are rated in exactly the same way as the public and online votes, but we weigh their opinions more heavily. These are the crème de la crème of the UK gadget press, and trust us when we say they know what they are talking about.

This year’s judges include:

Chris Hall - Editor, Pocket-lint

Dan Jones - Consumer Editor, The Sun

David Phelan - Freelance writer for The Sunday Times, Independent, and Time Out

Marc Chacksfield - Deputy Editor, TechRadar

Mike Lowe - Reviews Editor, Pocket-lint

Murad Ahmed - Tech Reporter, The Times

Nate Lanxon - Editor,

Paul Lamkin - Senior Editor, MSN

Stuart Miles - Founder and CEO, Pocket-lint

Vicky Woollaston - Science and Technology Reporter, Mail Online

The elite judges' vote will count towards 50 per cent of the overall score for each gadget nominated.

So what are you waiting for, head over to the voting page now where you’ll find really simple instructions on how to cast your vote.

Stay tuned for the results on Thursday 28 November.