It has been an exciting year for tablets to say the least. Apple launched its thinnest and lightest iPad yet, Google brought out its 2013 version of the Nexus 7 with its super-sharp display, and cheaper Android tablets such as the Tesco Hudl have been joining the party like it's going out of fashion.

For products to be placed in this category they needed to have a 7-inch display or larger. With that in mind, here are the Awards nominees for the Best Tablet 2013 in a little more detail to help make your mind up about which one should get your vote and take the crown, or make it on to your Christmas list.

Starting at £399, the iPad Air launched in October and hit the shops for all to buy at the beginning of this month. It is the best iPad Apple has made so far, and while it might not come with a fancy new feature like the Touch ID - as found in the iPhone 5S - that some were hoping for, it is light, thin, fast and, well, amazing.

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You get the Retina display, plus all the power of the A7 processor and although it might be a little more expensive than some of the other tablets on the market, it is one you won't need to upgrade for a while - a long term relationship if you will. With its scaled-back design compared to the iPad 4 - the Air is like an honorary iPad - and fantastic specs, we think it makes for a truly desirable tablet. If Apple and iOS are your thing then this is as good as that can get.

When it comes to a fantastic tablet for a sensible price, Google has hit the nail right on the head with the 2013 version of its Nexus 7. This 7-inch Android tablet launched in July and starts priced at a cool £199. It's a cracking upgrade from the 2012 model.

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The Nexus 7 combines the latest and greatest of Google and Asus and packs a stunning greater-than-Full-HD display with a pixel density of 323ppi, brilliant colours and impeccable viewing angles. Whether you're a gamer, eBook reader or just want an amazing 7-inch tablet, this one covers every angle and we think it's well worthy of its place in our top five.

It might have been released at the back end of last year - November to be precise - and so it's a little older than many in this shortlist, but the Nexus 10 arrived too late for our 2012 Awards, and we still believe that even now it's a worthy contender with its brilliant price, fast processor and beautiful display.

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Starting at £319 for the 16GB model, the Nexus 10 brings with it a great design and runs Google's Android operating system. But it's that display which is really something to shout about - superb brightness, fantastic viewing angles and excellent colour reproduction are all here. The fact that it is still in our top five a year after its arrival tells you how much we love it.

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z arrived in the early part of this year - back in May - and is priced at £399, making it among the pricier of Android tablets. But that's for good reason: a fabulous design that's both thin and lightweight - 6.9mm thick and 495g - means it's thinner and only a fraction heavier than the iPad Air for anyone counting.

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It doesn't offer the same brilliant display as the Nexus 10, but the Sony Xperia Tablet Z does give you a "better than Full HD" 1920 x 1200 resolution. Its design and specification is impressive, plus it's waterproof which makes it the only tablet you can safely use in the bath. Quirky, yet cool.

Some may have turned their noses up at the £119 Tesco Hudl when it launched back in September, but the 7-inch tablet is more than capable for the majority of tasks, and is excellent value for money. Every little helps as the saying goes, and if you're a Clubcard holder then the company's Boost Scheme means you could bag the Hudl for just £60 if you "turbocharge" your points.

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We're not saying that the Hudl is better or more powerful than beefier tablets three times the price out there, because it's not, but even at this price point Tesco has delivered a successful product when we had anticipated very little. Similar priced tablets just aren't as well thought out.

The Hudl but it will handle near enough anything you throw at it and although it has the optional Tesco services tie-ins, it is a straight-up Android tablet at its core, which means all kinds of fun including games and movies are at your fingertips. The Hudl might not have the highest spec, but considering it is possible to pick it up for less if you're savvy with those Clubcard points, it's all relative and worthy of recognition.

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