We came across demilked.com during the annual Hallowe'en craziness. They had a collection of weird and wonderful kids’ costumes that we got distracted by (the Edward Scissorhands and power loader from Aliens need to be seen to be believed). But then we took a closer look and really liked what we found.

It’s a brilliant collection of features and stories from the on and offline creative worlds, covering art, design, architecture photography, advertising and technology, and it’s a really eclectic mix.

We did have a sly pop at the “25 pictures of…” style of presentation earlier in the week, but here it’s done with real integrity and the content is nearly always fresh.

If you’re into any of the creative arts, we reckon this is worth adding to your list of bookmarks. It’s a valuable and current resource for what’s bubbling at the moment and we think it’s a winner.