The sky’s the limit, or so they say. What a load of nonsense. For a start we’ve breached the atmosphere and been in space for over 50 years, so the sky isn’t really a limit any more.

In fact, it’s probably still more of an ambition these days. Too many of us take flying for granted. Thanks to the low-cost airlines, you can now hop on and off planes like they’re buses, and a lot of people don’t really give it a second thought. The magic has gone.

But that’s not true for everybody. And it’s not true for real flyers either.

Take the good people at They’re a bunch of dedicated aviators who use their considerable skills to share the thrill of real flying through their Air Smiles Days. These offer an exhilarating and much-needed outlet for families dealing with life trauma.

The fly2help crew know that a few hours of laughter and excitement can transform lives and that’s why we think they’re a great cause to support as the season for giving draws ever closer.

Chocks away, people.