There will always be one category that has everyone fighting, and this year is no different as the competition for best mobile phone returns.

Some excellent handsets have launched this year, from the fabulously designed HTC One to the Apple iPhone 5S with its slo-mo video and Touch ID fingerprint reader. To be nominated for this category, the device needed to have a display size of under 5.3-inches to avoid phablet land, and after much deliberation, consideration and outright arguing we give you the five nominees for the Best Mobile Phone 2013 category. Drum roll please.

Apple has lovers and haters, but like it or not, it creates products that sell in their millions and the Apple iPhone 5S is no exception after being launched in September, costing £549 for the 16GB model. It doesn't have the largest display in the market, nor does it have NFC support, but the 5S is still a phone designed for the future.

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It packs some great features into its seamless design, some of which are yet to reach their full potential, such as the Touch ID scanner and the super-powerful 64-bit A7 processor. It's a handset that's wonderful to use, comes with heaps of power and stays away from the gimmicks, so in our eyes it is well worthy of its place in our top five.

There is no doubt about it, the HTC One, which was announced in February costing £520, is the best phone HTC has ever made. It features a beautiful design, fantastic display, brilliant sound and gets in some great functions too, including the Zoe camera and live gallery.

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You miss out on expandable storage via microSD and the Blink Feed feature might not be to everyone's taste, but we loved the device when we reviewed it for a number of reasons, and we believe it is still worthy of our love now.

LG announced its flagship LG G2 in August for £490 and it came packing a great design, amazing sound output for music and super speedy performance, as well as a good battery life.

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There may have been some stipulation regarding the placement of the volume buttons, which are found on the back of the device, but they worked well for us and bring some well thought-out touch functions. The LG G2 worked exactly as we wanted it to, perhaps even better than we'd anticipated, and it does so with style and smoothness.

The Nokia Lumia 925 brought Nokia into the flagship fight when it was announced in May for £499. It comes with a slim, lightweight design, which we found great to hold, plus we really enjoyed the camera experience this device provides. It's a big step above the previous 920 device.

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Being the only Windows Phone 8 in our nominations, it may lack the variation of apps available on offer, such as those found on Android and iOS platforms - but with more and more launching every week and the new Windows Phone 8.1 update due for launch in 2014, the Nokia Lumia 925 is a strong contender that will keep on growing in strength. A worthy nomination.

Samsung announced the addition of its Galaxy S4 to the party in March for £630 SIM-free, and it is a brilliant phone in almost every way. Not only is it powerful, but it also comes with some great new eye tracking and gesture features which show Samsung is continuing to work on unique and interesting features. Some might see them as gimmicky, and even if you don't use all of them, many people will enjoy them.

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This phone's camera takes decent, detailed snaps with solid colours, and you can do some pretty nifty tricks like removing moving objects, which is one of the most breathtaking things we've seen. The battery life isn't the best we have come across, but when we had to return this lovely designed smartphone, we really missed it - and that is always a sign of a great device.

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