The Lego Movie playsets being revealed one-by-one, such a tease

The Lego Movie is planned for release in February 2014 and even just the trailer has had the Pocket-lint team giggling like school kids at a sign leading to Fanny Hands Lane (it really does exist). We're also impressed with the toy line-up to go along with the film that Lego has planned, even though the company is teasing us with one revelation at a time.

Five tie-in products have been revealed so far on a dedicated website, including the Cloud Cuckoo Palace, which looks Duplo-esque. There's also Metalbeard's Dual, Super Cycle Chase, and Lord Business's Evil Lair playsets. Plus, a range of new minifigs has been unveiled, including one of the Lego Abraham Lincoln.

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The others are still to be revealed. As for the cameo characters that will appear in the movie, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Gandalf and others, you can always add them from their respective licensed playsets. That's if you want the complete collection.

Canny Lego, canny.

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