We learnt, just last night, that Google had relaxed its rules on Glass Explorers by, sort of, allowing them to sell their headsets - something that would have had them deactivated in the past. And already they're starting to appear for sale on eBay.

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As you can see, te pair pictured isn't cheap at $3,400 (£2,112). And if you want them in charcoal we saw another eBay for $3,000. Both pairs are claimed to be brand new, opened once to check they work, and ready to be shipped. Presumably they were bought with this re-sale in mind from the outset. At $1,500 originally, that's not a ridiculous mark-up, especially when you consider there are only a few thousand pairs in existence.

The Google Glass Explorer Edition (XE) is the charcoal model but the white pair claims to be model 2.0, hence the higher price. Don't confuse that with Google Glass 2 - that hasn't even been released officially yet.

As noted by Engadget, the Glass Press FAQ page now states something entirely different. When asked if it is okay for Explorers to try to sell their devices online and whether Google would disable the device if sold, Google says it is still against its terms of service to sell the device.

But the company also says it doesn't plan on disabling the sold devices any longer. Rejoice, Explorer wannabes! This means you are free to sell your headsets, although we're not sure why you would. Still, a lot more Glass should be popping up on eBay in the coming weeks.

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