This is an oldie, but a goodie, and well worth a mention now that the nights are drawing in and the temptation to not leave the house too much becomes ever more difficult to resist.

At, you can pick from over 18,000 takeaway restaurants and get your favourite fast food sorted without leaving your armchair.

Tell it where you are, decide what you’re in the mood for, be it Chinese, Thai, Indian or good old fish and chips, and then browse through the online menu of wherever tickles your fancy. The best bit is that you can pay by card in advance, so no more fumbling for loose change when the doorbell goes.

And don’t be put off if you live in the sticks - you’ll be surprised how far this site casts its net. 

Getting decent takeaway food has never been massively difficult, but this makes it child’s play, especially with the free app.

Tuck in, people.