The nominations for the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards are still pouring in but who will be deciding the best gadgets of 2013?

You have until the end of play tomorrow, 8 November, to make your suggestions for nominations but we can now reveal which elite judges will be helping us decide the winners for the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2013.

Chris Hall - Editor, Pocket-lint

Dan Jones - Consumer Editor, The Sun

David Phelan - Freelance writer for The Sunday Times, Independent, and Time Out

Marc Chacksfield - Deputy Editor, TechRadar

Mike Lowe - Reviews Editor, Pocket-lint

Murad Ahmed - Tech Reporter, The Times

Nate Lanxon - Editor,

Paul Lamkin - Senior Editor, MSN

Stuart Miles - Founder and CEO, Pocket-lint

Vicky Woollaston - Science and Technology Reporter, Mail Online

Once the nominations have been announced we will be locking the judges in a room until they have voted for the best of the best of 2013, based on Pocket-lint's stringent nomination procedure.

To be in with a chance of being nominated for the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards, the products must have been announced between December 2012 and December 2013 meaning you won't find any old gadgets in our nominations.

Better still, the best thing about the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards is that the latest products being announced still have a chance to be included as the cut off date for nominations is 8 November 2013.

That makes the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards the most comprehensive gadget awards of the year, as we include all the gadgets released in the past year: the latest gadgets won't miss out because we've already had our awards ceremony.

If you would like to nominate your favourite product then let us know via the comments below and we will take it into consideration, or email one of the Pocket-lint team.

On Tuesday 12 November we will announce the nominations for the Pocket-lint Gadget Awards, letting you know the best gadgets available in this year's 13 award categories.

The award winners will be announced in full on Pocket-lint on 28 November 2013 after the 10th Pocket-lint Gadget Awards party in association with our friends at Hotwire.

Keep an eye on our Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2013 hub for all the latest news including how the voting works.