With Hallowe'en out of the way, we’ve all got through the first round of party season, so now thoughts turn to the big one.

Christmas. Regardless of what or when you celebrate, there’s no denying that everybody goes a bit mad at Christmas. The lunchtime extended meetings, the after-work drinks, the general air of end-of-year happiness – all these add up to a party overload.

And, oh, what to wear?

If that last question is top of your festive to-do list, then renttherunway.com could be just what you need. At least if you’re in the US, anyway.

This New York-based fashion site lets you get your mitts on the latest high-end fashions on a per-occasion basis. So you get to go to all the balls, without having to spend a fortune on buying new outfits each time.

Now all you have to worry about is where you’re going to go for New Year’s Eve.