There's something alluring about the Asus Transformer Book T100. And that's its price. At £349 it's an incredibly accessible Windows 8.1 device, it's even knocking on the door of Chromebook territory, but with far more grunt and ability behind it.

The T100 is a dual device. The 10.1-inch screen sits in a keyboard dock and, at the press of a button, can be released to transform it into a tablet. See what they did there with the name?

The keyboard dock is fairly tight in its key placement, but we found it to be usable given the physical space. The trackpad, however, we're a lot less keen on - sometimes our finger motions saw the cursor fly around the screen, other times it was more reluctant.

But other than that, the T100 looks like a quality device given its price point. Don't get us wrong, we don't mean it's a premium materials kind of laptop-meets-tablet, but even its plasticky build is finished in a way that makes it more than acceptable.

In the hand the device - the first Intel Bay Trail quad core powered device - weighs in at just over a kilo: 1.07kgs to be exact. Split that down into a tablet only and it's 550g, or about half that weight. Think of it this way: that's a larger screen than the iPad 4 but with less weight, and you're still running full Windows 8.1 in your hands.

It all comes complete, in this instance, with MS Office installed too. Extra bargain.

And because it's Windows 8, the Transformer Book T100 doesn't need to scrimp on speed or power. Things like USB 3.0 come as standard; the screen is bright to look at; the battery is said to last for up to 11-hours when both parts of the product are connected up. Hot stuff.

The 1366 x 768 resolution screen might not be Full HD, like the Nexus 7, but for this price point we think that's a fair enough compromise. The 32GB on-board eMMC storage also isn't a total knockout, but there's a microSD slot so you can add in an additional 64GB at minimal cost.

We've had a few minutes of play with the T100 and it's that price which keeps echoing in our heads. A capable little bargain - we just wish the trackpad was a bit larger and nicer to use.