We're fully used to seeing a Google doodle appear at this time of year, and we thought the latest interactive animation was a corker until we spied what Bing has done to celebrate Halloween.

Google has a claymation witch brewing a potion into which you can add a couple of the on-screen ingredients, with mini-games and surprises appearing based on the combinations you choose. Which is nice. But Bing has an entire homepage dedicated to the most iconic horror films and franchises, with a scene or character from each hiding behind clickable objects.

Some of it can be pretty scary to the weak-hearted.

Hovering over the page will also spark off animations and sound effects, and if you click on the arrows that appear after a movie clue has been discovered, the page will take you to a search for that specific film so you can find out more about it. Even watch clips or trailers.

So that's a big score for Bing. Check it out at bing.co.uk. We wonder if similar interactive vistas will be available for future events? We'd be very surprised if not.

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