High energy prices? Here are five intelligent heating systems looking to save you money

Clever heating systems seem to be all the rage at the moment, with Nest launching in the UK today and British Gas, Honeywell and Tado having all announced their respective offerings previously.

The systems all look to make it simpler and easier to control your home heating and the more the merrier we say, especially given that energy companies seem to be announcing price hikes left, right and centre. Therefore anything that can help save money on heating bills while letting us get a bit geeky at the same time is always a winner.

Here is a round-up of the five heating apps and services available now in the UK and how they could help you save a few pennies.


Nest has finally arrived in the UK following its popularity in the US when it launched in November 2011.

Nest was created by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, both previous Apple employees, and is dubbed the learning thermostat for it's ability to learn how you use it and set up a heating schedule accordingly.

Over a couple of weeks, it will learn when you like to have the heating on, for how long and at what temperature. Eventually it will pick up patterns such as the time period where people leave the house on a Tuesday, your lie-in on a Saturday and an empty house every other Friday.

Nest is connected to Wi-Fi to enable it to know online weather forecasts and it has a 150-degree sensor so it knows if anyone is home.

The UK version also brings with it a new feature called True Radiant that aims to reduce temperature swings and starts heating early so you get the temperature you want when you want it.

The Nest Learning Thermostat will cost £179, or £249 with a professional installation but if you order it before 8 April, you will get the installation free

British Gas Hive Active Heating

Hive Active Heating is available now and will cost you £199 including installation. It will replace existing controllers with a wireless system and connection to your broadband and once you have had it installed by a British Gas installer, you will be able to control heating and hot water using the app or via the website.

You'll know what the current temperature of your house is and you can set alerts to let you know when your house has changed temperature, as well as turning the heating off or hot water on remotely.

The Hive system is not dependent on British Gas supplying your energy so you can still buy it even if you have a different supplier.

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Tado arrived in the UK in November last year and costs £249 for the clever little number.

You will be able to retrofit it to your current heating set-up and it uses a cloud-based heating app to let you control your heating from your smartphone.

There is a clever twist with Tado though: this system will actually track your smartphone's location so it knows when you have left the house and when you will be returning.

The system uses what Tado calls "model predictive control" to pull in a number of data points to calculate when you are on your return home, what the weather is like outside and what temperature you have requested for when you return.

Tado will then get your house ready for you in time for when you step through the door by measuring the weather forecast, time it will take you to get home and how fast your house heats up.

It is a whole house solution with a central located thermostat determining the temperature, which means you won't be able to control individual rooms.

Honeywell Evohome

Honeywell's Evohome is wireless-connected heating system which will let you control individual radiators and therefore specific rooms.

Evohome will connect to your boiler and existing radiators and you will be able to control the entire heating system through a central console or smartphone app.

You can control up to 12 zones and within those zones you can also control each radiator down to a set degree in temperature, but if you want the same temperature throughout the entire house, you can do this too.

Plus, there are also a number of preset settings, which give you the option to reduce the entire house by a few degrees or override the system entirely.

Honeywell's Evohome will cost you £249 for the Evohome Connected Pack and the radiator zone kits are sold separately for £77 each so you can choose how many zones you want.

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Neo by Heatmiser

Neo by Heatmiser has been designed with the retrofit and the new-build market in mind, with the aim, like the others, of allowing more people to control their heating from their smartphone. 

The neoApp is available on iOS and Android and promises a host of connected features. For example, via the app, you will be able to hold a certain temperature for several hours in a selected number of rooms in your home. You can also switch the whole home heating in to Away mode that will protect your home against frost damage. And for those with everchanging schedules, the profile feature will let you store in advance a set of comfort level settings that you can then apply to the system as and when your schedule changes.

Like the Honeywell system, Neo uses a mesh network to send data back to the neoHub which you've plugged into your broadband router, so is ideal for larger homes where ordinary RF Thermostats would possibly have a problem. From the ground up, Neo was designed with multi-zones in mind, so additional neoStats' can be added for total zone control. Handy. 

Prices for Neo by Heatmiser start from £199.