If you're a student, the reality of term time is probably starting to bite just a little, right about now.

You should be all settled in, with Freshers' Weeks a distant and decidedly fuzzy memory. You should be well into your coursework and have a good idea as to whether you're on the right course. Hopefully, you're building a nice little network of new friends to keep you company through the coming winter months. And therein lies a potential problem. All that socialising can leave a bit of dent in the old student loan, can't it?

It's possible that money is starting to become something you're a little more mindful of, and if that's the case, studentbeans.com could be worth a quick look.

Thousands of students have already signed up to their huge range of money-saving deals and ideas. From the best offers on mobiles, to travel discounts and shopping coupons, you'll find a lot here to make your money go a bit further.

It's also a good source of generally useful and funny stuff, so if you have run out of cash already, you can at least find a little entertainment here.