Apologies to the grown-ups, but here's another one for half term (parents need all the help they can get for the holidays, ya know...)

At projectwildthing.com they're trying to wrench the next generation away from their smartphones, tablets and games consoles to reconnect with nature.

Now, obviously, we love the tech, and encourage kids to get excited about the latest innovations. But there has to be a balance between the real and the virtual, otherwise we risk future generations not really understand the world around them.

This is a project that presents ideas for getting kids out and about and learning about their surroundings. It's a great resource for parents and kids alike, and the accompanying film is showing around the country - you'll find the latest screening times here.

It's all the brainchild of a city parent who wanted his kids to experience a little bit of the magical outdoors, just like he did growing up.

A noble quest, and a great result.