A quick skim through the national newspapers here in the UK is probably enough to make anybody think about leaving the country sometimes. There has to be more to life than rising energy prices, convoluted tax laws, dodgy politicians and mediocre weather, doesn't there?

Well, yes, there is. And thousands of people emigrate every year. If you do take the plunge, we reckon internations.org might be something worth bookmarking before you set off.

It's a social netwroking geared towards the expat communities all over the world, and there's probably nothing more comforting than getting to a new life and finding that somebody's been there and done it all before.

Full of advice and local knowledge, it's also a great way to meet like-minded people in your new corner of the globe.

Well worth considering if you're thinking escaping to a better life.

Send us a postcard, won't you?