There are many milestones in the life of a Twitter user. There is your very first tweet. This might have be something instant, off the cuff and, in the end, a little disappointing. Or it could be something you agonised over and redrafted a few times before deciding to hit the send button.

Then there’s your first follower, your first favorite [sic], your first retweet and then your first reply from somebody you follow. You might even get a reply from one of the Twitter elite, or maybe somebody you admire. So many interactions and possibilities and, ultimately, so much data.

All of this can be tracked and is the go-to site for that. Here you can get all the stats you’ll ever need about your account and your tweeting, and if you’re serious about growing your social presence, you’ll find a load of useful tools and widgets to help you do just that.

This is one place that the expression “too much information” simply does not apply.