Mmmm, bacon. No not him. Not the one on the telly selling 4G at the moment.

We mean actual bacon. It’s been the undoing of many a vegetarian, apparently. That smell is one of the greatest restorative experiences in existence. Just a whiff of the stuff will get you wanting some. Then the thought of anything else is simply a waste of everybody’s time, because all you’ll want is bacon.

Grilled, fried, roasted, doesn’t matter. As a sandwich, as a topping, as a snack on its own. You just gotta have it. It’s like pig crack.

But there is so much more to the humble rasher than just heating it and eating it, as amply shows. If it can be done with bacon, it will be done here and if this site doesn’t leave you salivating and heading for the nearest greasy spoon, you’re simply not human.

It’s Okay for the veggies to come back now…