Wow. Politicians, eh? What are they like? We’ve had sex scandals, tax scandals, expenses scandals. You name it, a politician has done it. And usually got away with it.

But what’s happening in the United States at the moment is almost impossible to wrap your head around.

The two main parties can’t agree a way forward on Federal funding. So, what happens? All Federal funding stops. Just like that. 

America is, for all intents and purposes, shut down when it comes to the public sector. That’s the country’s biggest employer, the Federal Government, saying: “Sorry, but until we get our act together, we’re not going to pay you a dime.”

But, hang on. What’s that? Some Federal employees are still being paid?

And who might that be? Ah, but of course. It’s the members of Congress. The very people who refuse to find a solution to the federal funding crisis will not find themselves out of pocket by a single cent, as the handy link at shows.

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