It seems like only yesterday when standing outside in the fresh air was actually a nice thing to do. It was a pleasant way to spend some time. But now the weather is turning, and to be caught out by the elements really isn't that much fun any more. Never was this more true than when you're waiting for the bus.

It’s possibly one of the most soul-destroying things to have to do. Standing, patiently waiting for that distinctive rumble of a diesel engine to come round the corner. You hope that there'll be room for you to board. You whisper a silent prayer that you won't have to sit next to the nutter (there's always one...). Anything that can make this experience more bearable has got to be welcome. 

That's why we take you back to an old friend at where we find a live feed of bus locations plotted on to a map of London. Using this, you'll know exactly when the next bus will be at your stop.

Yet again, an API from TfL is proving most useful in the hands of this developer, and this is one bookmark that London residents who rely on buses will be sure to add to their smartphones.

All aboard.