It's not really been what anybody in their right mind would call a good week for the Daily Mail. It ran a story at the weekend that said some pretty inflammatory things about the father of Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband. When he took umbrage (quite rightly, in our opinion) they compounded the situation by not backing down in the slightest. Cue recriminations from all sides and a lively week of press commentary, social media activity and an extraordinary display by Alastair Campbell on Newsnight (catch it online if you can).
Basically, everybody went nuts.
We won't apologise for returning to our old friends at Us vs Th3m, but their How Much Are You Hated By The Daily Mail? offering was one of the best bits of modern satire we've seen in a while.
Play the game and you can probably guess the outcome, at least for most people, anyway. All they've done is apply the fairly obvious Mail editorial standards and asked a few not very searching questions.
It manages to be entertaining, but doesn't detract from what's quite a serious issue about press freedom, misjudging the public mood and what's appropriate in this media-rich day and age.