When you're young, there can be a lot of emphasis put on getting a degree. Whether it's your parents or your teachers, there's likely to be a lot of support, opinion and advice thrown your way, whether you want it or not! This is understandable. It's a significant stepping stone in anybody's life, so there are a lot of resources available to help you make the best choices.
But if you're coming out the other side? For postgraduates looking to carry on their studies, the stakes are arguably higher, with more pressure to make the right decisions, more money to fork out on fees and more support, opinion and advice needed.
For help finding that advice, you could do worse than postgraduatesearch.com. This recently revamped site will help you find the right courses and the right places to do them.
And with real-world advice from current and past students, you'll get a better idea of what you're committing to.
A great resource if you're furthering your education.