The school year is in full swing by now, and for parents of younger children, it’s probably been a bit of shock to everybody’s system.

Their angelic little offspring will be coming home exhausted, full of new and bewildering bad habits and brimming with questions sparked by a full day of learning.

If they’re learning to read and write, it’s a good idea to stock up on some activities that will help them in a way that doesn't necessarily feel like homework.

One of the best things we’ve seen recently is Here you can buy books that will make those first teetering steps towards literacy a magical experience for both you and the child.

These books are beautifully written and illustrated, and best of all they’re bespoke. You tell them the name of the child it’s for and they weave that name into the story, so young readers will be drawn into the whimsical tale in search of the letters that spell out their own names.

It’s a wonderfully simple, yet hugely effective idea and we think it’s well worth the money. They ship worldwide and we reckon these will make brilliant Christmas presents.