Careers advice. For those of us of a certain age, that meant an occasional meeting with a clearly bored civil servant who took one look at what had been scrawled across our school file when we were six years old and then offered a few words of advice on which subjects to take to get us there. So if, as as six-year-old, you said you wanted to be fireman or an astronaut, you were told to stick to P.E. and pay attention in science classes.

Thankfully, things have moved on a fair bit, and in this media-rich age, stands out as a brilliant way for students and graduates to connect with the real world of work.

Here you can see interviews with some of the top executives in all kinds of industries, and they share their experiences and give solid advice on what to expect if you choose to enter the field they work in.

Students get free access to this invaluable resource, and schools and colleges can sign up for more involved support.

A great way to find out what being a grown up is all about.