If you’ve taken the plunge and updated to iOS7, or even better, got your hands on a shiny new iPhone 5 over the weekend, you‘ve hopefully had a bit of time to play with all the new features and get used to how it looks.

It’s different, isn’t it? And there are some neat features, like the parallax view on wallpapers – as you move your iPhone or iPad around, the wallpaper does this kind of 3D shimmy in the background.

It’s not for everybody (tales of it inducing motion sickness may be exaggerated, but it's certainly a striking feature) but if you’re looking for some new wallpapers to really show off the effect, you can find a shedload of them at blrrr.com.

All these have been made using the Blrrr app, so even if you don’t want any of these, it’s easy enough to make your own.

But for freebies, these look just the job in our opinion.