iFixit has begun the ritual teardown of the iPhone 5S, just as the handset has gone on sale in Australia. The team travelled 17 hours to the country to get the iPhone 5s early. This will be the first time we've seen the inside of the device clearly, so the trip seems worth it for our wandering eyes. 

One of the first major changes compared to the iPhone 5 is a cable at the bottom of the display (on the inside) that connects the Touch ID sensor in the home button to the Lightning port assembly. iFixit says this adds a small element of danger to disassembling the handset, because if you pull too hard you could accidentally damage the cable. Apple seems to be using some really heavy tech here, and it's interesting to see the internals of it.

iFixit goes on to note that Apple hasn't change too much in the inside for the rest of the components. However, the company did streamline itself a bit, removing "silly" connector cables from the iPhone 5 that are no longer needed. 

Oh, and responding to our original gold question: